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Is A Patio Cover A Good Investment?

Imagine having more space in your home without the hassle of costly renovations. Instead of dealing with the chaos of demolition and construction, why not consider an outdoor patio cover? Not only does it provide a protected living space for you to gather and entertain, but it also adds value to your property and safeguards your precious furnishings. Discover the numerous benefits that a patio cover can offer:

Patio Covers Add Space Without Major Renovations

Indoor expansions can cost tens of thousands of dollars and wreak havoc on your life for months. But patio covers can be a lower-cost option that makes your home feel larger. When you want to add a living space indoors, it can require demolition, restructuring of current rooms, and a lot of mechanical installations that can drive up project costs. Your patio cover doesn’t require as much preparation and all that work is outdoors!  It can be a quicker project that expands your space and complements your landscaping.  

Patio Covers Protect Siding and Decks

The effects of harsh weather and even just persistent sunlight can damage your siding and decking. A patio cover offers shade and protection from rain and snow. Every dollar you save on repairs is a dollar that goes into your pocket. Especially with lumber prices so high – you don’t want the expense of slat and railing replacement.

Patio Covers Protect Furnishings

What’s on your patio? A table, chairs, umbrella? All of those furnishings cost you money. The shade your patio cover provides will protect your furnishing from the sun’s harmful UV rays, helping to prevent fading and discoloration. And its weather protection can help prevent structural damage. Your furnishings will last longer!

Entertain at Home Under Your Patio Cover

Dining out gets expensive. But your yard can be a beautiful place to entertain family and friends—especially when you offer them comfort and shade. Whether you want to host a full-scale party or just dine with your family outdoors, a patio cover gives you a place to do it in style, rain or shine. Relax and enjoy the sanctuary you’ve created!

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Post by NOW Remodeling
September 28, 2023