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Your New Windows: The Importance of Customization

Big box stores have lots of windows that seem to come in lots of shapes, sizes, and colors. Many of them even offer to install your replacement windows. But before you sign on the dotted line for an install which comes with a limited warranty, make sure you consider your actual home, its existing windows, and the age of its construction. Houses shift and settle over time and perfectly squared windows can misalign, warp, change, and develop gaps. The only right way to fit new windows on old homes is to customize. 

Protect Your Investment with Customized Windows 

As a major investment in your home, your windows need to be customized to your specifications so there are no gaps where air can enter or escape. A proper seal is crucial. Customized means the windows will be manufactured for your home using exact measurements. Customization is especially important if you own an older home that did not settle well. 

Window Customization Means More Precise Measurements  

A professional replacement window contractor knows how to measure each and every window frame properly. They take exact measurement numbers and round to the nearest 1/8 inch before placing an order for custom windows. Even if two windows in the same room appear to be the same size, your new windows may not be. Customized windows give you exact measurements and specifications; premade windows do not. 

Customized Windows Reduce Heating and Cooling Bills 

Replacement windows may look great, but their real value is in how they protect your home and lower your energy costs. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that heat gain and loss through windows accounts for 25% – 35% of residential heating and cooling energy use. With custom windows and precise measurements, there is less chance of air leakage, which will save you money on your energy bills. You can select energy-efficient double pane or even triple pane glass that adds an extra layer of thermal protection, as well as argon or krypton gas to fill the windowpanes. These gases serve as a barrier to heat or cold energy that can make its way through the windows. 

Flaunt Your Style with Customized Windows 

You can get windows that look just like everyone else’s in your neighborhood. Or you can stand out from the crowd with unique windows that match your home’s architectural style and your personal tastes. Custom windows let you select from a variety of materials, colors and depths, and they can be built to the shape or design that accentuates both the exterior and interior of your home. And just because you now have casement or double hung windows doesn’t mean you need to replace them with the same. You can choose any style you want.   

Protect Your Home from Storms 

Another feature of customized windows is the added protection they can offer. For example, if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, you can purchase hurricane-impact replacement windows. In addition to protecting your home from breakage and flooding, you may be able to save money on your home insurance and energy costs.  

Customize Your Security 

Just like you look for secure doors and locks, you want the same for your windows to discourage intruders. When you customize, you can choose windows that are impact-resistant with such features as dual-cam locks, fusion-welded components, and steel-reinforced frames.  

Prevent Furnishing Fading

Did you know that new, customized, replacement windows can actually prevent fading? You probably chose your furnishings with care, investing your hard-earned money to get just the right look and feel for your home. Don’t watch your furniture, rugs, and artwork fade under the damaging direct sunlight your old windows allow in. With customized windows, you can select a low-emissivity (low-E) coating that will help to block harmful UV light.  

Improve Your Resale Value

Sure, new windows look better, but they can also add value to your property. Windows that are not customized can lose their seal and create gaps, causing energy loss. When you go to sell your house, you don’t want home inspectors to find fogged-up windows or rotting window frames. New, customized windows can boost the curb appeal of your home and be much more attractive to future buyers. And you recoup most of your investment. Replacement vinyl windows return nearly 70% of the cost to owners

Could I Install Windows Myself? 

If you are handy with tools and carpentry, you may think that you could take on window installation yourself. But be aware that if the work is not done properly the manufacturer’s warranty may be voided, meaning you will have to pay for repairs and replacement parts.  

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Post by Nathan Powers
May 9, 2023